Sunday 21 August 2011


Here is a poem i wrote a long time ago when i thought everything was negative and there was no way of getting through the darkness. Sorry it's quite dark :P


Living a life under anger and mistrust I think is a bad place to be.
Though how can you move on when you are chained to things of the past, past life, past friends, past betrayal.
Having someone that has betrayed you to your very core, how are you suppose to cut that heavy chain and move on with life, become a stronger person for the experience and not to fall into the hole of pity and disappear.
For I need to be stronger and let go of the hate that seems to cloud my vision and transform me into a angry monster.
How do I dissolve the feelings that I have repressed without much success?
For I need to move on or else I can never be free of these chains of pain.

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